• Code Writing Code

    A long time ago, in the midst of spending a few happy years writing C++ code, I happened to work on a project in plain C. It felt awkward after C++, but ended up being somewhat tolerable, until I needed a couple of hash tables for objects of different types. In my mind, it was a simple, innocent request, but this is where my foray back to the C land hit a brick wall.
  • Go For A Walk

    I always liked going for a walk. It helps me think; it helps me clear my head; and, growing up as nerdy, unathletic boy, it used to be my main way to get some physical activity.

  • Looking For A Job: The Right Way

    The title is obviously tongue-in-cheek: only you can decide which way to search for a job is right for you.

  • On Treating People Well

    What if we would treat our employees as human beings first, the way we treat our friends—with respect, dignity, and concern about their well-being—rather than as resources a manager would deploy to achieve a specific business goal?
  • On Good Fit

    I realize that all this talk about looking for the right fit may sound naive, or irrelevant, or not applicable to large companies. It does come from my experience on small teams (from both sides of the table), and my sincere quest to build teams that are productive, respectful and maybe even somewhat happy (again, from both sides of the table).
  • On Hiring

    I’ve spent most of my career looking for a job, or hiring software engineers, or at least watching software engineers being hired. As I had had yet another bout of exhausting job search, I spent a fair amount of time talking to everyone willing to listen about my career path, my strengths and weaknesses,—and, yes, about my opinions on hiring and getting hired. I think it’s a good time to write them down, so that next time I can just point my interlocutors to this blog post.

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